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Personal Data Protection Policy For Website Users

SVG International Company Limited

      SVG International Company Limited has provided this Personal Data Protection Policy For Website Users in order to secure privacy of those who come to visit company’s website. Please be aware that this policy is subject to change and any changes will be displayed on this website.

Scope of Policy

      This policy covers any actions of the company towards received or collected personal data of website users. “Personal Data” means data related to a person which can be used to identify the specific person either directly or indirectly, but does not include the data of a deceased person, such as name, age, sex, nationality, identification number, passport number, home address, work address, phone number, or email address. This policy does not have any linkages to third-party sites. Therefore, please read and understand privacy policy provided by those sites also.

Personal data collection

      Users who request certain types of services operating on this website may need to give their personal data required for the services. For example, job application or any future transactions that might occur.

      In case of filing a petition to the company through website, users are not required to give any personal data either for a job application or any future transactions. However, an unidentified petition might affect the effectiveness of the company’s monitoring and surveillance practices. Conversely, if users decide to give the company their personal data, this mentioned data will be protected by this policy. Additionally, to assess the effective use of this website for service quality improvement and related statistics record, the company will collect certain information further, such as IP address, type of search engine, domain name of internal webpage where users visit, duration of time users visit, previous websites users visited before the company’s website including other information as needed and abided by this policy.

Usage, exchange, and personal data disclosure

     Personal data access and usage will be conducted for benefits concerning job application or any future transactions that might occur, and the company may gather users’ personal data from other organizations to use and disclose with the aim of achieving its purpose.

     The company will not use personal data for sell, exchange, disclose to any party or conduct anything opposed to its purpose of gathering and storing users’ personal data except:

  • Conduct by law, court decree, order of legal authority, or other similar occurrences.
  • Conduct in case of having an impact on a person’s safety, security, life and body, or in any cases which violate rules and regulations of this website.
  • If users request to use their own personal data, do send an email to [email protected], and the company will notify details within an appropriate amount of time. Also, there may be some charges which users must be responsible for.


Types of collected personal data

  • Name
  • Home address
  • Contact address
  • Phone Number
  • Company
  • Position


Sources of personal data

       The company will receive users’ personal data directly through email, phone call, and documents during service process as listed:

  • Registering with the company or filing any petitions to the company.
  • Taking a survey voluntarily, communicating with the company via email or other platforms.
  • Cookies within browser of users while using the company’s website.

Purposes of data processing

  • To follow website usage behavior, product, or service of the company by using Cookies or software on users’ devices.
  • To promote the company’s sales and products to those who are interested.
  • To filter users in order to match the website’s purpose.


Personal data processing

When the company has received personal data from sources, operations will be conducted as listed:

  • Collect users’ data through the company’s email.
  • Use data by following purposes as listed:
  • To filter groups of users in order to match the company’s sales and products promotion.
  • To respond any problem notices, questions, recommendations, or to send back relevant information later on.
  • Disclose data for filtering groups of users to individuals as listed:
  • Marketing and Business Development manager
  • Senior Sales engineer
  • Officer related to other users filtering


Personal data editing           

        Users can edit and update their own personal data by sending a request through  Email [email protected] or follow the instructions on the webpage. Please be aware that some data editing will be completely done by confirming the data accuracy as designated methods.


Security System

        The company has declared its internal practices regarding confidentiality and data security which include rights in data access and confidential information. Furthermore, the company also uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protocol to create a safe communication between users and itself.


Cookie policy

       When users enter the company’s website, their data related to website entry will be stored as Cookies form. This Cookie policy will explain definition, working process, purpose including deleting and rejecting Cookies for users’ privacy. Entering this website means allowing the company to use Cookies by following Cookie policy as details listed below.


What is a Cookie?

      Cookie is a small file used for storing data by saving them into computer device and/or information technology equipment, such as tablet and smartphone through web browser while entering the company’s website. Please be aware that the company’s website may use Cookies in certain circumstances.

     The company only uses Cookies to collect and store data that may be useful to the data owner next time he returns to visit the company’s website. Once the data owner uses the web browser, he can set up the browser to accept all Cookies, reject all Cookies, or notify him when there is Cookie transfer. The data owner can set up the browser in“help” menu in order to understand how data owner can change Cookie usage. Please also be aware that turning Cookies off might affect certain services of the data owner while using the website.

How to use Cookies

      The company uses Cookies to enhance users’ experience and satisfaction level. Cookies will help the company understand users’ website usage behavior more quickly and make the website even more accessible. However, in certain cases, a third party is needed during the process. This may include the use of Internet Protocol Address (IP Address)  and Cookies to analyze the statistics, connect the data, and process the data according to marketing purpose.

Types of Cookies being used

Type of Cookies


Functionality Cookies

Cookies that are used to memorize users’ preferences such as  their preferred language.


Cookie management

      The company will not use Cookies to collect users’ identified personal data, however, if users do not require to accept Cookies, they can reject Cookies by changing the setting which has been set within their browser. (please see more information by clicking on menu “Help” within browser.) Also, please be aware that most browsers will automatically accept Cookies. Therefore, if users do not require to use Cookies, they will always have to reject or delete Cookies. In addition to knowing more about how to use Cookies on other devices such as tablet and smartphone, together with details regarding how to reject or delete Cookies as mentioned, please read manual of each device.

      Users should be aware that if they reject Cookies, they can still visit the company’s website. But certain features might be incomplete.


Cookie policy change

       This cookie policy may be subject to change occasionally. Therefore, to abide by the regulations, it is recommended that users understand these changes as written clearly.

Questions or recommendations

      If there is any inquiries or recommendations, please contact the company via

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +662 347 7733 ext. 32


Created in August 2022

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